Monday, 14 May 2012

The Double D's

On Friday our entire year group headed to Bath to perform the circle shows that we’ve been rehearsing over the last week.  This was a culmination of five weeks worth of Street Theatre classes, taught by the wonderful Matt Pang, street performer extraordinaire.

We had been allowed to create any show we liked, either as a solo, duo or trio, with the emphasis on the creation of a busking show, as opposed to a street show you might see at a Festival, which kind of has different criteria.

My friend Mary and I took the opportunity to work together, and quickly decided that we wanted to speak about what it means to us to be female street performers (on a research trip to Bath I’d established that most of the current performers there are men of a certain age, doing quite traditional unicycling/juggling acts), and so ‘Dangerous and Delicious’ were born.  The premise of the show is that both Mary and I are looking for love, and hoping to snare a boyfriend through the use of male volunteers in our tricks.

And the first show was SO much fun.  Mary and I have loved working together in general – we have a similar sense of humour and through the act we try to win the audience over with comedy as much as skill, so devising has been a pleasure from start to finish, though my sides do hurt from laughing too much.  At the end of the show we close with the lines “We’re on twitter, so you can tweet us; and we’re also on Facebook, so feel free to poke us”, which worked a treat as we were then asked what the addresses were.  So what began as an school project and a great time has become slightly more official – The Double D’s (the name is ironic, in case you’ve never met us) are going out into the real world of street performing in July and August, hoping to charm the Nation and spread a little love.  Follow us and like us to keep up-to-date with where we’ll be appearing next:

Twitter:  DoubleDTheatre
Facebook:  doubledtheatre