Friday, 30 December 2011

Taking Risks

First of all, many apologies.  I've been much too long in writing this blog entry.  I'm still having problems converting the videos that I want to post onto this site, and I'm such a technophobe that I have to wait until my partner is free to help me.  He's currently doing two pantos a day in Newark right now, but still, it's no excuse.

So what was supposed to be a very relaxing Christmas break has been erm... not quite so relaxing.  I've been working Front of House at the lovely Lakeside Arts Centre in Nottingham for their Christmas show, Red Riding Hood, and was also booked to do a photoshoot for the new Center Parcs spa brochure.  Apart form the 6.30am start it was a great day - I had a foot spa, chatted to some lovely actresses and was eating antipasti and drinking champagne at 9.45 in the morning.  All for the sake of my art, you understand...

And the last few days have been no less hectic.  On 27th December I received a call from Lakeside asking if I fancied being the Wolf in Red Riding Hood, as the actress playing the part had lost her voice.  Entirely.  And the show's a two-hander.  And there's LOADS of songs.  And the music is really complicated.  So obviously I said yes, had four hours rehearsal and went on with script in hand for the second show on Wednesday.  And despite being absolutely terrified, and wondering if I'd completely lost the plot for agreeing to do it, I really enjoyed it.  Someone said to me before I started at Circomedia, "It's only worth doing something if it scares you", and I'm beginning to think that that may be a good life motto.

So I'd just like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Matt Aston, director, and Samuel Wells, the other actor in the show, as well as all of the wonderful Lakesiders, backstage and front of house, for holding my hand throughout the experience.  Couldn't have done it without you.

Thursday, 8 December 2011


Three very exciting things have happened today.

1.  The piece which my group have been devising in our Physical Theatre class has been chosen to go in the Christmas show.

2.  I went on the swinging trapeze for the first time.  Wheeeee!

3.  After over a year of trying, today I finally did my first full tricep chin up, unassisted.

Sometimes it's the smallest things that just make you feel great.