Thursday, 21 June 2012

End of a Year

The End of Year show has been and gone, and tomorrow is the last day of the year at Circomedia.  I can't quite believe how it seems to have rushed through my body and heart in a whirlwind of colour, emotion, hilarity, tears, pain and friendship, leaving me feeling as though I've been picked up, shaken upside down, slapped around the face and given a big sloppy kiss before being placed gently back on the ground, somewhat more ruffled than before, but excited, open and relaxed.

Work has stacked itself up nicely for the summer, and I'll be busy busy busy with lots of different projects.  And who knows what the future holds right now?  I think, in some ways, one of the most surprising things that I've found from being at Circomedia is that I don't have to perform the self that I've carefully created over the years, but am free to be the person I find within myself, when everything is quiet, or I'm training, or laughing till my sides ache at the discoveries we are making.

Thank you, Circomedia.

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